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Don't let off feed events prevent you from your best show ever. Get your animals up and eating fast with Show Gun® oral drench!

Up & Eating Fast

Get Show Animals

Ralco Show - Show Gun Oral Drench get pigs up eating fast

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Ralco Show - Show Gun Oral Drench

Product #2231-250  

250 ml Bottle

Get Animals Back on Track Fast

Show Gun is the ticket to getting your project up and eating again. This natural oral drench contains patented ingredients that focus on reducing stress and promoting appetite to quickly get animals back on track and showring ready.

Show Gun helps:

  • Give animals a strong start to life

  • Promote appetite and maintain digestive health

  • Manage show stress

  • Support immune function

  • Manage joint pain and fever

Administer Show Gun orally at the following rate and repeat as needed.

  • Swine, Sheep, Goats, Calves: 2-4 ml (1-2 pumps)

  • Equine and Finishing Cattle: 8-10 ml (4-5 pumps)

What's Inside:

Microfused® Essential Oils:

Promotes digestive health and works as a powerful antioxidant.

Actifibe® Prebiotic

Aids beneficial gut bacteria and promotes immune function.


Helps support immunity and promote appetite.

Emulsified Triglycerides

Provides easily digestible energy source to get animals up.

Spray-Dried Egg Antibodies

Provides antibodies to help combat scours.

Use code SG23 at checkout

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What Causes Show Animals to Stop Eating?

Weaning, hauling, weather changes and unfamiliar surroundings are just a few of the reasons show animals can become stressed. Then, as animals internalize stress it can cause their digestive system to slow down and suppress appetite.

Symptoms of stress to watch out for:

  • Slow start to life/reluctance to nurse

  • Loss of appetite

  • Lethargy

  • Unwillingness to move

  • Cold/trembling

  • Open mouth breathing/panting

  • Lack of coordination

  • Poor performance


If you notice any of these symptoms – take action quickly! The longer animals go without eating the more difficult it will be to get them back on track.

Use code SG23 at checkout



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5 Tips to Keep Stressed Show Animals on Feed

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Competitor Success

Ralco Show Gun Ottawa County Fair Reserve Breed Champion
Ralco Show Gun San Antonio Stock Show Grand Champion Market Wether Goat

Show Gun is a multipurpose must-have in my show pig operation. I use it for my baby pigs, show pigs and sows. I always keep it in my barn, and I never travel without it!

- Taylor F.

We use Show Gun anytime we're getting ready for a show. It keeps their gut right and on feed.

- Natalie H.

After a few issues getting in the barn and too long on the trailer, our goat was showing signs of stress and becoming lethargic. We gave him Show Gun and after a couple of doses he was back to being show-ready! We were named Grand Champion Market Wether Goat at the San Antonio Stock Show and will never travel without Show Gun again.

- Bryce B. // Jade Livestock

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Show Gun for newborn piglet

Stressed Show Animals?

Get your project up and eating fast with Show Gun! Buy now and standout in the ring with less stress on everyone!

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Use code SG23 at checkout. Offer valid on your first purchase of Show Gun, March 10 - June 30, 2023. One use per customer. Product available to U.S. customers only. 

Free Shipping on Orders over $80

Who is Ralco Show?

At Ralco Show we know you want to be a standout competitor. In order to do that, you want to have your best show ever. The problem is there are many things that can take your project off track which makes you feel anxious like you’re not going to get the results you want. We believe everyone should have access to the knowledge and products they need to succeed. Like you, we understand what it feels like to watch your project fall behind. Which is why we’ve specially designed products that address the top issues that can take your project off track.

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