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Back Slap

Muscle the Right Way

Back Slap® gives your project the ability to add mass, shape and movement all in one package. 

Must-Have Product To: 

  • Promote eye appeal 

  • Support shape and definition 

  • Assist performance safely 

Ractopamine product Type B for pigs

What's Inside: 

Ractopamine: Improves feed efficiency and increases lean gain. 

Purified Amino Acids: Building blocks for muscle growth to fuel Ractopamine response. 

Protein: Multiple high-quality sources to support muscle mass growth. 

High Fat: Provides energy to support muscle tissue growth and maintain body and fleshing ability. 

Ralco Show Back Slap 20 lb. pail for building mass

Product #5625-5  

5 lb. Pail 

Product #5625-20  

20 lb. Pail 

Directions for Use 

Thoroughly mix 2 oz. (1 scoop) per 6 lbs. of feed (provides 9 g Ractopamine per ton of complete feed). 

Ralco Show Back Slap 5 lb. pail for building mass
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