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Stro N FLo

Crank the Sound
Stro N Flo™
 focuses on proper health for hooves and pads to keep them sound and in the best shape possible. 

Must-Have Product To: 

  • Promote soundness 

  • Maintain hoof and pad health 

  • Support immune function 

Soundness Supplement with natural Vitamin E for pigs, goats and cattle

What's Inside: 

Biotin: Provides vitamins to maintain hoof and pad integrity. 

Multiple Chelated Trace Minerals: Highly available form promotes joint and foot health.

Natural Vitamin E: An antioxidant to support immune function delivered in a highly available form.

Ralco Show Stro N FLo 25 lb. pail for sound hooves and pads

Product #5632-5   

5 lb. Pail 

Product #5632-25    

25 lb. Pail 

Directions for Use 

Top dress 1 oz. (1 scoop) per head per day. 

Ralco Show Stro N FLo 5 lb. pail for sound hooves and pads
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