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Essential Dry

Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast
Essential Dry™ is a natural drying agent used to neutralize ammonia odor, extend bedding life and enhance overall air quality for superior livestock comfort. 

Essential Dry helps: 

  • Reduce ammonia odors by 50%

  • Minimize respiratory challenges

  • Prevent human and animal discomfort

  • Extend bedding life

Essential Dry: Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast
Essential Dry: Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast

Lengthen Bedding Life

One of the biggest expenses for competitors is bedding, and changing it frequently can add up quickly! That's where Essential Dry comes in. It acts as a natural drying agent that not only helps neutralize harmful ammonia odors but also absorbs moisture to keep bedding clean and fresh for longer periods of time.

Keep Indoor Environments Smelling Fresh

High levels of ammonia caused by urine buildup in stalls, cooler rooms and trailers can be harmful to the respiratory systems of animals and, in extreme cases, even cause death. Essential Dry neutralizes ammonia odors and enhances air quality for superior livestock comfort and safety.

What's Inside: 

Yucca Schidigera: Reduces ammonia odors and improve overall air quality of indoor livestock facilities. 

Essential Oils: Contains natural properties to help reduce smell and lengthen bedding life. 

Essential Dry: Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast
Essential Dry: Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast

Directions for Use 

Safe to use in living environments for swine, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, equine and canine. NOT to be used in animal feed. Apply 1 to 2 lbs. in a 12‘ x 12‘ area or adjust amount used to accommodate size of area. Apply heavier coat to wet areas and lighter coat to dry areas. Can be applied before shavings are added or applied on top of shavings. 

Product #7532-2.75    

2.75 lb. Shaker 
Product #7532-35     

35 lb. Pail 

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Reduce ammonia odor in your barn and protect your show animals with Essential Dry!


For the best price contact your local dealer.

For your convenience, order from Ralco Show, Amazon or Chewy:

Essential Dry: Reduce Ammonia Odor Fast

Competitor Success


“We noticed an immediate reduction in odor after using Essential Dry in our barns. The air quality is so much better and now it’s enjoyable being out there! I can only imagine how much better the show animals feel. We also noticed that Essential Dry helped extend our bedding, which saved us time and money on supplies. It’s made a huge difference in our barn.”

- Emily T.

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