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Ticket PUnch

Best Show Day Electrolyte

Ticket Punch® is the purple punch that creates that extra ditch with a fresh look. This is the ticket to that 12 o’clock look when your project hits the ring. 

Ticket Punch helps: 

  • Maximize muscle expression 

  • Improve pop and bloom 

  • Support intake 

  • Enhance hydration

High energy show time electrolyte for show projects
Ticket Punch

Electrolyte Show Animals Actually Drink

Ticket Punch is the ultimate show day electrolyte that pigs and stock love. Its highly palatable formula ensures your animals stay hydrated and energized, maximizing their performance. With Ticket Punch, you can count on improved muscle expression and a fresher look, helping your project stand out in the ring.

Maximize Muscle Expression on Show Day

Get the muscle expression you need on show day with Ticket Punch. This powerful electrolyte blend enhances muscle pop and bloom, ensuring your animals have the 12 o’clock look in the ring. Easy to use and effective, Ticket Punch supports intake and maximizes muscle shape, giving your animals a competitive edge.

What's Inside: 

Electrolytes: Hydrates muscle to maximize top-shape expression.

Energy: Helps spike appetite and maintain stamina.

Directions for Use 

3 days before show day: Top dress 1 - 4 oz. per head per day. 

Day before show: Mix 4 oz. with 1 - 5 gallons of water and allow the animal to drink the mixture throughout the day. 

Day of show: Allow the animal to only have regular water to allow for maximum hydration.

Product #5645-5  

5 lb. Pail

Ticket Punch
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Transform your show animals’ muscle expression with Ticket Punch

For the best price contact your local dealer.

For your convenience, order from Ralco Show, Amazon or Chewy:

Competitor Success

“Great product!!! Best electrolyte I have used on show pigs.”

- Tim K.

“Great product. Animals responded well to the results and very happy.”

-Craig D.

Ticket Punch in the show barn.
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