No Nonsense Hydration
Electrolyte™ is a straight-ahead electrolyte to keep projects hydrated in stressful and challenging conditions. 

Add to Water or Feed To: 

  • Promote hydration 

  • Overcome stress 

  • Achieve a fuller look 

What's Inside: 

Electrolytes: Promotes hydration and adds pop and bloom to animal. 

Probiotics: Promotes intake and seeds the gut with the right bacteria.  

Product #5638-6    

6 lb. Pail 

Product #5638-30    

30 lb. Pail 

Directions for Use 

  • Water Administration: Mix 2 oz. (1 scoop) per quart of water. Use Daily. 

  • Feed Administration: Top dress 2 oz. (1 scoop) per head per day. 

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