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Down shift 

Hold 'Em Happily

Down Shift® keeps your project in the right place while limiting daily rate of gain. Holding them does not mean sacrificing a full bodied, fresh look. 

Must Have Product To: 

  • Hold at desired weight 

  • Manage daily rate of gain 

  • Promote fuller look 

  • Maintain freshness 

Holding Supplement to achieve desired weight for pigs

What's Inside: 

Proprietary Fiber Blend: Keeps projects feeling full and supports body and rib shape. 

Unique Blend of Oils: Promotes and maintain freshness. 

Probiotics: Seeds the gut with beneficial bacteria and supports the digestive system.   

Ralco Show Down Shift

Product #5649-40   

40 lb. Bag

Directions for Use 

Feed at the following rates twice per day to achieve the desired rate of gain. 

Feeding rate chart

Down Shift can also be used for show pigs that need more added rib shape and body. To gain desired fill, feed at rates 1/2 to 1/2 of a Ralco Show Cup per feeding per head. 

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