Show Gun

One Pump Miracle Juice

Show Gun® is the miracle juice that is the ticket to getting your pigs back feeling their best. It’s like having a vet on call at all times. 

Grab a Bottle To: 

  • Promote appetite 

  • Manage stress 

  • Help combat scours 

  • Enhance immune function 

What's Inside: 

Microfused® Essential Oils: Promote digestive health and works as a powerful antioxidant. 

Actifibe® Prebiotic: Boost beneficial gut bacteria and promote immune function. 

Bioactives: Help to support immune function and promote appetite. 

Emulsified Triglycerides: Provides easily digestible energy source. 

Spray-Dried Egg Antibodies: Provide antibodies to help combat scours. 

Product #2231-250  

250 ml Bottle 

Directions for Use 

Administer orally at the following rate. Repeat as needed.

  • Swine, Sheep, Goats, Calves: 2-4 ml (1-2 pumps) 

  • Equine and Finishing Cattle: 8-10 ml (4-5 pumps) 

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