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Beef show feeds simplified

ShoMax® complete protein-balanced premixes are designed to make building beef show feeds easy. Our pelleted premix does the hard lifting for your diets and is boosted by proprietary Ralco technologies to keep your show cattle healthy and on feed in the toughest conditions.

ShoMax feeds:

  • Help maintain consistent feed intake

  • Enhance digestion and support rumen health

  • Promote bloom and hair

  • Release more energy from feedstuffs

  • Support health during times of stress

Premix Feeds

Pelleted Premix

Choose to build our three branded diets or build custom diets around our simple 200-pound inclusion premix which drastically simplifies show feed manufacturing. Premix is available in two medicated version including your choice of Rumensin® or Deccox®.


Pelleted Premix

Protein: 48.00%

Fat: 2.00%

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