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Jackpot Shows Can Wear Down Show Animals – Here’s How to Help

Show Heifer in the Ring

Showing pigs, cattle, sheep, or goats inevitably leads to wear and tear on every animal. To maintain their health throughout the show season, it's vital to prevent stress and allow for proper recovery.

Traveling and handling stress can weaken your animal's immune system, leaving them vulnerable to illness. Just like us, insufficient rest can lead to sickness. To safeguard your show animals during the busy season, here are some tips for ensuring their well-being at jackpot shows.


Nutrition and Water

Feeding the right diet is crucial for supporting your animal's overall health and well-being. Consulting with a local veterinarian or nutritionist can help you ensure your animals are on the right track. However, it's important not to make any drastic changes to their diet right before a jackpot show, as this could affect their performance.

Animals may react differently to changes in water taste when traveling. Using a water filter connected to your hose can help reduce chlorine and other chemicals found in city water, ensuring your animals stay hydrated and healthy on the road.

Health and Management

Effective management practices play a significant role in preventing stress and maintaining your animals' health. Handling your animals with care and gentleness fosters a positive relationship and reduces their stress levels. Regularly monitoring your animals' health, including hoof health and overall well-being, is essential. Be vigilant for any signs of illness, especially after previous shows where animals from different locations may have introduced diseases.

If you notice any changes in your animals' behavior or health, consult a veterinarian promptly to ensure they receive the necessary care and treatment.

Supplement to Reduce Stress

Traveling to jackpot shows and being in unfamiliar environments can be stressful for animals. The added pressure of preparation and competition can further exacerbate their stress levels and suppress their appetite. The longer animals go without eating, the father behind they fall. Which is never good. You always want your animals at their best, especially at a show.

Show Gun is an oral drench designed to help animals better cope with stress. It contains bioactive compounds that promote appetite, encouraging animals to eat and regain their energy. Additionally, the emulsified triglycerides provide an extra boost of energy, helping animals feel better and perform their best in the show ring.

Jackpot shows can be exciting, but it's crucial to prioritize your animals' well-being. Practice safe and responsible techniques when preparing your animals before and during shows to ensure they remain healthy and happy. Proper nutrition, management, and the use of supplements like Show Gun and On Point can help reduce stress and support your animals' success in the show ring.



Delaney Barber



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