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Ralco Expands Beef Show Line with Full Bloom™

Ralco is pleased to announce the expansion of their beef show line with Full Bloom™, an easy-to-use top dress supplement for ruminants. Full Bloom is pelleted and specially formulated with Ralco's patented technology to enhance high-performance show feeds with top dress ease. Full Bloom helps improve intake, digestion and appearance of show animals.

“Our goal with Full Bloom was to formulate a top dress supplement that would give more flexibility to show families with customizable feeding rates depending on species and project goals,” said Andy Lanoue, Brand Manager for Ralco. “Now families have all of Ralco’s patented technologies available at their fingertips.”

Ralco entered the agriculture industry 50 years ago with ruminant technology. Now patented, Microbial Catalyst® helps enhance microbial processes in the rumen to release more enzymes for increased fiber breakdown and dry matter intake resulting in more energy to be released from feedstuffs for production and growth. Research over the last five decades show Microbial Catalyst fed ruminants have higher average daily gain and healthier body condition scores.

Additionally, Ralco introduced essential oils 20 years ago to the livestock industry to help producers naturally maintain health and efficiency. Studies using patented Microfused® Essential Oils show improved health and performance across all livestock species. Research results in ruminants demonstrate improved immunity, reduced stress and disease, enhanced hair quality and skin health, as well as improved weight gain and feed efficiency.

“Bottom-line, Full Bloom helps show families reach new levels in the ring because these patented technologies allow ruminants to maintain heath and convert more nutrients to energy and growth,” said Brandon Rodriguez, Ruminant Research Manager for Ralco. “More available nutrients means more available energy to go beyond baseline health towards hair quality and skin health where other supplements and show feeds miss this energy requirement.”

“Our show families have already seen success in the ring with Full Bloom,” said Justin Little, Account Manager for Ralco. “At Show Steer Junior Nationals in Abilene, Texas, the winning Grand Champion Steer and Reserve Grand Champion Steer were fed Full Bloom,” said Little. “Additionally, we had a heifer win Grand Champion Mainetainer Female at the Maine-Anjou-Chianina National Junior Show.”

Ralco Expands Beef Show Line with Full Bloom™

Full Bloom supplement is easy to feed as a top dress with the flexibility to build custom diets for any ruminant animal.

To learn more about Full Bloom call 1-800-533-5306 or contact your Ralco Show dealer.


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