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Maximize Show Pig Nutrition

Take your show pig to the next level! Appetite Attack® is a daily gut health supplement that fills the gaps in any nutrition program. Keep your project healthier, hungrier and on their A-game for show day!

Consistent Feed Intake

Fewer Health Challenges

Top-Notch Freshness & Eye Appeal

Ralco Show Appetite Attack 5 lb. pail

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3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Nutrition Program

Download our free guide to get pro tips from swine nutritionists on how to elevate your feed program so your projects achieve better health, performance and overall appearance.

Help Your Project Reach its Full Potential

Appetite Attack offers the secret formula to success, and it starts on the inside. By using a scientifically formulated blend of prebiotics, probiotics and more, you can unleash your project’s full potential with improved gut health, digestion, immunity and overall appearance - setting you up for success at every show.

Appetite Attack helps your pig:

  • Get back on feed faster

  • Prevent health issues

  • Support immunity

  • Overcome stress

Judge shaking hand of competitor with Ralco Show pigs

Top dress Appetite Attack daily at 1 oz. per head per day. Appetite Attack is suitable for pigs of all ages and pairs well with any nutrition program. We recommend feeding from day 1 to show day

What's Inside Appetite Attack:

Ralco Show Appetite Attack

Available in a 5 lb. Pail
Two pails can feed two pigs per season

Actifibe® Prebiotic:

Aids beneficial gut bacteria and promotes immune function.


Seeds the gut with beneficial bacteria and assists the digestive system.

Essential Oils

Promotes overall performance and immune health. 


Promotes hydration.

Organic Acids

Reduces gut pH to promote good bacteria.




Why Competitors Love Appetite Attack

“We start using Appetite Attack as soon as we purchase our projects. We really push our clients to start using it right away too. It’s really a must have for any pig besides fresh feed and water. We can count on Appetite Attack to keep their gut right, and it works because we definitely see less off feed events.”

Matt Mette // Mette Showpigs

Maximize Your Show Pig

Help your show pig reach it's full potential with Appetite Attack. Free Shipping on orders over $80.

Free Shipping on Orders over $80
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Download Our Free Guide

3 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Nutrition Program

Get pro tips from swine nutritionists on how to optimize your nutrition program in just three easy steps!

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Who is Ralco Show?

At Ralco Show we know the work is up to you, but our feeds, supplements and advice are great tools to help your animal reach its full potential. Ralco Show is here to ensure that the moment before you step into the ring, you know you’ve done everything possible to add lasting memories and pride in YOUR Journey to the Ring. 

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