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Straight for the Gut

Appetite Attack® is a daily gut health supplement equipped with all things needed to keep your project healthy and hungry. 


Daily gut health supplement for pigs, cattle and goats.

*Not for sheep.

Appetite Attack

SKU: 5644-5
  • Feed Daily To:

    • Aid appetite 
    • Promote gut health 
    • Support immune function 
    • Support proper digestion
  • What's Inside:

    Actifibe® Prebiotic: Aids beneficial gut bacteria and promotes immune function. 

    Probiotics: Seeds the gut with beneficial bacteria and assists the digestive system.

    Essential Vitamins: Promotes overall performance and immune health. 

    Electrolytes: Promotes hydration. 

    Organic Acids: Our combination effectively reduces gut pH to promote good bacteria. 

  • Directions for Use:

    Top dress 1 oz. (1 scoop) per head per day.

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