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Essential Packing List for Show Season: Cattle Show Must-Haves

Show cattle show box

With show season fast approaching, it's time to start packing and gearing up for success in the ring. Here's your ultimate packing guide to ensure your cattle stand out in the ring and you're prepared for show day.

Grooming Supplies

Grooming is the key to achieving a winning look for your cattle. Be sure to pack all your essential grooming supplies:

  • Shampoo to keep their coats clean and healthy.

  • Water hose with a nozzle for easy bathing.

  • Various brushes and combs for grooming, including rice brushes and wash combs.

  • Adhesives like E-Z comb for fitting.

  • Adhesive remover for easy cleanup.

  • Scissors for trimming.

  • Rags for wiping down.

  • Clippers and clipper lubricant for precise grooming.

  • Blower to dry cattle after bathing.

  • Power generator for outdoor grooming.

  • Plastic garbage bags for disposal.

  • Carry case or container to store and transport grooming supplies.

  • Grooming chute for ease of grooming.

  • Fly spray to keep the pests away.

Animal Supplies

Ensure your cattle are comfortable and well-equipped with the following supplies:

  • Feed and containers for feeding.

  • Water bucket to keep them hydrated.

  • Rope halters for control.

  • Show halters and leads for the ring.

Other Supplies

Don't forget these essential tools and equipment:

  • Shovel, pick and rake for cleaning up.

  • Extension cords for powering equipment.

  • Show box to organize and store supplies.

  • Show stick for handling cattle.

  • Fan for keeping them cool.

  • Tool kit to fix anything that might break or mount fans.

  • First aid kit for both humans and animals.

Personal Supplies

Keep yourself comfortable and refreshed with personal supplies such as:

  • Cooler filled with drinks.

  • Snacks to keep your energy up.

  • Table for convenience.

  • Napkins or paper towels for cleanup.

  • Lawn chairs for relaxation.

  • Radios for entertainment.

  • Show outfits - shoes, belt and other personal items.

Feed and Supplements

Maintain your cattle's health and vitality with the right nutrition:

  • Stick to your regular feed to avoid disrupting their diet.

  • If your animal goes off feed, use Show Gun® to get them back on feed and ready for the ring.

  • Bring electrolytes to keep cattle drinking and show ready. Ralco Show's Ticket Punch® provides high-energy electrolytes to refresh and energize your cattle.

By packing these essentials, you'll set yourself and your cattle up for success in the ring. With dedication to grooming, nutrition and attention to detail, you'll stand out and enjoy a rewarding show season. Embrace the journey and good luck to all exhibitors!



Delaney Barber

Show Gun®

Show Gun® is the ticket to getting your project up and eating again! This natural oral drench contains patented ingredients that focus on reducing stress and promoting appetite to get animals back on track and show-ring-ready quickly.

Ticket Punch

Ticket Punch® (formerly Purple Rain)

Ticket Punch is the purple punch that creates that extra ditch with a fresh look. This is the ticket to that 12 o’clock look when your project hits the ring.


The Journey to the Ring

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