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Kiss Farrowing Challenges Goodbye

Farrowing season is upon us! Here are 3 must-have farrowing products to help you get your piglets off to the best start and set your sows up for success.

Birthright: Sow in a Bucket

Your go-to product for when you need to foster litters but also an ideal supplement for the entire litter, Birthright™ can help keep more pigs show worthy.

Birthright helps:

  • Increase average weaning weights

  • Support gut health

  • Assist in consumption

  • Support immunity

  • Add flesh and bloom

Fun fact: Birthright has been the gold standard baby pig milk replacer in the industry for the last 20 years!

Show Gun: Reduce Stress

Show Gun® is an oral drench that gives life to the babies and also gives the momma's the energy to milk to their fullest. 1 pump to the babies and 2 pumps to the sow after farrowing ensures sow feed intake is high to milk those piglets!

Show Gun helps:

  • Save baby pigs

  • Promote appetite

  • Manage stress

  • Maintain digestive health

  • Support immune function

Electrolyte: No Nonsense Hydration

Many often forget how important hydration is for the sow during this stressful period. Electrolyte™ can be used before farrowing to help ensure smooth delivery and after to hydrate sows to the fullest.

Add Electrolyte to water or feed to:

  • Promote hydration

  • Support milk production

  • Reduce constipation

For more information, contact the Ralco Show team at 1-800-533-5306 or To purchase, contact your Ralco Show dealer or buy now on Amazon or Chewy.


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