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Get Stressed Show Animals Eating

Stress from transportation, summer heat and handling can take a significant toll on your show animals, often causing them to stop eating. And as we all know, animals that don’t eat, don’t win.

Keeping them on feed is crucial to maintain appearance and that show day look, and we’re here to help with some practical tips and effective supplements designed to ensure your animals stay healthy, happy and eating well!

Show pigs and judges

Tips to Manage Stress

Just like people, animals can change their eating habits with the seasons. During the summer, the combination of more daylight and sunshine can alter an animal’s desire to eat.

As temperatures rise, animals typically become less active, requiring less energy and ultimately eat less. Keeping them cool and managing stress is the first step to keeping show animals on feed.

Here are a few practical ways to keep show animals hungry:

  • Keep a Routine: Animals are very routine-oriented. Establish and maintain a consistent feeding schedule, even when traveling to shows. Feed your animals at the same times each day, both morning and night.

  • Cool Environments: Heat can be a significant stressor. Keep your animals cool by providing shade, fans and plenty of fresh water. Consider feeding them in a darkened, cool barn if possible.

  • Gradual Changes: If you need to make dietary changes, do so gradually. Sudden changes can cause stress and lead to a decreased appetite.

  • Consistent Water Source & Hydration: Ensure your animals have access to water they are used to. If they usually drink from a tank, introduce them to bucket watering before shows to ensure they drink enough while away from home. Water intake is closely linked to feed intake, especially in hot weather. In the summer, it’s always best to include an electrolyte supplement to keep them hydrated and maintain their energy levels.

  • Fly Control: Flies and other pests can be a major distraction and stressor. Use fly sprays around your barn and on your animals to keep them comfortable

Maximizing Performance

Keeping your animals eating consistently is key to their performance in the show ring. Here are some additional tips to ensure they’re always ready to shine:

  • Regular Exercise: Ensure your animals get regular exercise to stimulate their appetite.

  • Monitor Health: Regularly check your animals for signs of illness or discomfort that might affect their appetite.

  • Balanced Diet: Provide a balanced diet that meets all their nutritional needs to keep them healthy and ready to perform.

  • Gut Health: Maintain a healthy digestive system by including probiotics and prebiotics in their diet, which can help improve nutrient absorption and overall well-being.

Effective Supplements

Ralco offers two fantastic products that can help keep your animals eating, even during stressful times: Show Gun® and Appetite Attack®.

Show Gun

Show Gun: Get Them Eating

Show Gun is the ticket to getting your project up and eating again! This natural oral drench contains patented ingredients that focus on reducing stress and promoting appetite to get animals back on track and show-ring-ready quickly.

Show Gun helps:

  • Promote appetite and maintain digestive health

  • Manage show stress

  • Support immune function 

  • Manage joint pain and fever

Appetite Attack

Appetite Attack: Keep Them Eating

Appetite Attack® is a daily gut health supplement that helps you get more out of your nutrition program. Top dress with any diet to give your project a show-ring advantage.


Appetite Attack helps: 

  • Get livestock back on feed faster 

  • Minimize health issues

  • Support immunity

  • Enhance freshness and eye appeal

By understanding these factors and implementing these strategies, you can help ensure your show animals stay on feed and perform their best all summer long!

For more tips and to purchase Ralco Show supplements, you can shop online or find your local Ralco Show dealer. Keep your show animals eating, performing, and winning all season long!


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