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Get Stressed Show Animals Eating

Stress from transportation, heat and handling can start to take its toll on your project. This added stress often causes pigs to stop eating. Pigs that don't eat, don't win. Keep them eating with these two Ralco Show products!

Show Gun: Get Them Eating

Show Gun® is a proven oral drench to use before loading your animal to help alleviate transportation stress. Use Show Gun at the show to promote consumption and again when you get home to deal with any issues brought back to the barn.

Show Gun helps:

  • Promote appetite

  • Reduce stress

  • Maintain digestive health

  • Support immune function

Appetite Attack: Keep Them Eating

In today's showring, animals that eat consistently always seem to give themselves a chance to be successful. Appetite Attack® is designed to help projects eat and consume so they give you the best shot at reaching your end goals!

Feed Appetite Attack daily to:

  • Aid appetite

  • Promote gut health

  • Support immune function

  • Support proper digestion

For more information, contact the Ralco Show team at 1-800-533-5306 or To purchase, contact your Ralco Show dealer or buy now on Amazon or Chewy.

The Journey to the Ring

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