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The Many Uses of Birthright Milk

Birthright Milk™  is one of those products that you can always find in my barn! It is a must have product for my family year around. Whether it’s during farrowing time, weaning or even during show season, there is always a use for Birthright Milk.

Birthright Milk with Weaned Show Pig

I love it so much that Birthright Milk even made an appearance in my senior pictures a few years ago!


Birthright Milk for Baby Pigs

The most obvious and common use of Birthright Milk is as a milk replacer for baby pigs. This is a product that is well known across the industry for this purpose. It can be used in several different situations when you feel a litter of pigs need assistance and added nutrition.

Birthright Milk can be used in instances with large litters where a sow cannot supply enough milk to the piglets, a sow that is a poor milk producer or even in worst case scenarios - feeding orphan piglets. I have heard of many instances when orphan piglets had to be raised solely on Birthright Milk, but ended up growing well and selling for high prices!

Birthright Milk is formulated to provide adequate nutrients to aid in the growth and development of baby pigs. A unique characteristic about how Birthright Milk is that it has a lower risk of scours compared to other types of milk replacers. The baby pigs in my barn absolutely love Birthright Milk and squeal when they know it's time for more!

Use a blender bottle to mix together a 'shake' of Birthright Milk for baby pigs.

I use a blender bottle to mix together a “shake” to give the baby pigs


Baby Pig Before & After Birthright Milk

Check out this little guy from one of my Duroc litters, a true testament to the magic of Birthright Milk. Initially he was runt and pretty low energy, but after some Birthright Milk he grew remarkably well.

Here in the first photo below, he's happily posing with his empty milk bowl. You can see him smiling and sticking his tongue out, practically begging for another helping. Fast forward to the second photo a few months later and he was all grown-up and winning shows!

Smiling pig growing strong from Birthright Milk
Winning Show Pig


Birthright Milk at Weaning

Using Birthright Milk can help transition them from milk to feed, more smoothly. It is best to introduce solid feed gradually while still supplying Birthright Milk as a transitional step in the weaning process. This helps reduce the stress of weaning on the pigs while ensuring they don’t lose bloom and become thin.

When weaning my pigs, I like to feed them gruel as a transition. Gruel is a mixture of feed and Birthright Milk, creating a texture of both liquid and solid feed to help the pigs adjust to their new feed. Giving gruel to weaned pigs can also be a great way to ensure proper hydration. Another way to implement Birthright Milk in the weaning process, is to top dress it dry in their creep feeder to encourage them to eat feed.

Rubber pan of gruel feed for weaned pigs. This mixture includes Ignite Starter feed and Birthright Milk mixed with water to an oatmeal consistency.

Here is rubber pan of gruel for weaned pigs. This mixture includes Ignite Starter feed and Birthright Milk mixed with water to an oatmeal consistency.


Birthright Milk for Show Pigs

Although Birthright Milk is an essential product for baby pigs, it can also be beneficial for a show pig diet. Birthright Milk can be supplemented to increase bloom and cover on show pigs. If you are trying to push a pig to gain weight or eat more, adding Birthright Milk can help! This is because it is highly digestible and the pigs LOVE it!

It can also help with getting more fluid in them by mixing it into their water. When adding it to my pig’s diets, I will either make a liquid shake or top dress it on their feed. If a pig in my barn has decreased intake or won’t touch their feed, I will add Birthright Milk, which almost always changes their mind!

Top dressed feed with Birthright Milk for a show pig.

Top dressed feed with Birthright Milk for a show pig.

Overall, Birthright Milk is a versatile, essential product for any stage of raising pigs—from farrowing to show day. Its unique formula supports growth, prevents scours and is a favorite among pigs. Make it a staple in your barn to see thriving, happy pigs!


Taylor Fent

Birthright Milk - Sow in a Bucket

Birthright Milk is the gold standard baby pig milk replacer. Birthright helps increasing average weaning weight and improve gut health.


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