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Surge is a grower feed designed to get your project off to a rapid start. High palatability ensures your project will take to it and perform at high levels and foster development without negatives structural impacts. As its name states, this feed ensures your project is off to the right start!



For pigs 35-100 lbs.

Protein: 18.8%

Lysine: 1.37%

Fat: 5.23%


Krave has earned the reputation of being one of the best finishing feeds available, Customers rave about its high palatability from which its name derived, and its ability to add natural body and muscle definition while enhancing skin and hair. Regardless if you are growing one or showing one, Krave is the feed you need!



For pigs 100 lbs. to show

Protein: 16.01%

Lysine: 1.05%

Fat: 5.45%

Ralco Show ShoMax Advanced Show Pig Nutrition bags

Crease It

Crease It is a multiuse specialty feed pellet that can get your pig where it needs to be! Easy to feed matched with high palatability ensures growth and good efficiency in your project. Like the name says, it gives them that crease by adding shape and expression without sacrificing body.


Crease It

For pigs 50 lbs. or more

Protein: 19.8%

Lysine: 1.32%

Fat: 5.00%







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