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How to Put Muscle and Shape on Show Cattle 

Show cattle in a show barn

Knowing how to put muscle and shape on your show cattle can make a huge difference in achieving the perfect look for show day. Outside factors such as genetics, nutrition, exercise and supplementation can all work together to help build desired muscle mass and strength. Getting the right combination of these outside factors and sticking with a solid routine will give you an edge in the ring.



When looking to build muscle, know that your animal's genetics do matter. A solid genetic framework will provide the musculoskeletal structure necessary to support and sustain a strong muscle mass. Choosing animals with a history of good bones and overall balance is important. Angus and Charolais are two breeds that typically display these traits well.



Exercise is also very important when you want to develop muscle. Your regular walks are a great way to work towards your goal of halter breaking and help put on some of the muscle mass that you are looking for. It’s important to keep them active so they don’t get stiff but also not lose a lot of the energy that will help build that shape you want. Whatever you choose for exercise, staying consistent and following a routine is the most important! 



While grooming and working, their hair will not build up any muscle structure, but it can help influence their shape and overall appearance in the ring. Having more hair to work with will better allow you to create the desired shape even if the animal has difficulty building muscle and mass through feed and exercise. 



What your animals are fed is also very important. Like you, they need food and energy to grow their muscles after exercising. There are many different rations and options, so it may be best to talk to a ruminant nutritionist to see what would work best for your animal and your goals. Cattle need a diet full of high-quality forage and feed rich in protein to have the best chances of putting on the most muscle mass. You can also add different types of supplements to their diets to help target muscle growth. 


On Point Supplement

On Point® is a great supplement to consider adding to your program for muscle and shape. It can help give your cattle a fresher, more youthful look while also creating more mass. It has all of the necessary ingredients to grow the desired amount of muscle. It uses a lower fat and higher protein formula that sculpts an animal's body with fresh muscle shape. Unlike other products, On Point avoids excess fat that can lead to a bulkier and less defined look.

Here’s how we recommend feeding On Point:

For Jackpot Shows: Start preparing two weeks before your first show. It’s simple, just feed ½ a scoop (2 oz.) to 1 scoop (4 oz.), depending on how fresh you want your project to look.

For Final Target Shows: Timing is everything, and it depends on the shape of your animal. If your project has a light to medium shape, start 45-30 days before your target show. Begin with ½ a scoop (2 oz.) per feeding for the first two weeks. After evaluating the results, you can increase to 1 scoop (4 oz.) per feeding. Adjust the amount based on your desired level of freshness. If your project is heavily muscled, start 21 days before the target show with ½ a scoop (2 oz.) per feeding for two weeks. Then, either maintain or increase the amount based on your desired freshness.

Full Bloom Supplement

Knowing how to maximize your show stock's genetic potential can make a huge difference in achieving the perfect look for show day. Full Bloom™ is designed to enhance nutrient absorption and promote optimal gut health, leading to better hair quality, improved bloom and a more polished appearance in the ring. By incorporating Full Bloom into your feeding regimen, you'll be giving your animals the best chance to showcase their true genetic potential and stand out to the judges.

For the best results, feed Full Bloom as a top dress to your show animals at the following rates:

  • Cattle: 4 oz. per head per day

  • Sheep/Goats: 1-2 oz. per head per day


Whether it is your feeding, exercise or grooming routine, staying consistent is key to your and your animals' success. Checking your progress will also help you see the results and make any adjustments to extend your progression.



-Delaney Barber

On Point

On Point - Ultimate Shape & Freshness

On Point is the key to giving your project a fresher, more youthful look while creating more cover and mass on the top side of the skeleton. 


Full Bloom - Maximize Genetical Potential Full Bloom is an easy-to-use ruminant feed additive. This pelleted top dress will help your project reach its full genetic potential from the inside out.


The Journey to the Ring

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