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Late Season Show Essentials

With travel from show to show, your animal’s feet are likely stressed. As final shows are quickly approaching, ensuring maximum foot and pad quality is critical to reach the winner’s circle. Meet your end season goals with these two preventative Ralco Show products for foot and pad health and a clean living environment.

Stro N Flo: Crank the Sound

Stro N Flo™ focuses on proper health for hooves and pads to keep your animals sound and in the best shape possible. Make sure your stock have the best chance in the ring with Stro N Flo.

Must-have product to:

  • Maintain hoof and pad health

  • Promote soundness

  • Support immune function

What’s Inside:

  • Biotin: Provides vitamins to maintain hoof and pad integrity.

  • Multiple Chelated Trace Minerals: Highly available form promotes joint and foot health.

  • Natural Vitamin E: An antioxidant to support immune function delivered in a highly available form.

Essential Dry: For Livestock Comfort

Many times, exhibitors forget about how important air quality and bedding cleanliness truly is to success. Remember, fresh bedding will help skin and hair look fresher and improve foot and pad health. Essential Dry™ is the easy-to-use product that helps prolong your bedding, freshen the air and dry ammonia in one easy application!

Helps overcome:

  • Damp indoor environments

  • Harmful ammonia odors

  • Low air quality

  • Poor ventilation issues

What's Inside:

  • Yucca Schidigera: Reduces ammonia odors and improve overall air quality of indoor livestock facilities.

  • Essential Oils: Contains natural properties to help reduce smell and lengthen bedding life.

For more information, contact our show team at 1-800-533-5306 or To purchase, contact your Ralco Show dealer or buy now on Amazon or Chewy.


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The Journey to the Ring

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