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Tips and Tricks to Help with Summer Show Stress in Cattle

Show cow in a pasture

Summer shows are a blast, but they can also bring on the heat—literally and figuratively! Between prepping your livestock and dealing with rising temperatures, it’s easy to feel the pressure. But don't worry, we've got you covered with some fun and practical tips to keep you and your livestock cool and stress-free this summer.


Prepare Early

The early bird catches the worm, right? When it comes to show season, starting your prep early is a game-changer. Get them used to handling, grooming and walking as if they’re already in the ring. This could mean taking strolls with a show halter, getting them familiar with other animals or introducing them to new sounds and sights. Consistency is key—animals love routine, and it helps keep their stress levels in check.


Beat the Heat

High temperatures can turn up the stress dial for your animals. Try working with them during the cooler parts of the day to keep their internal and external temperatures in check. If the mercury is climbing on the thermometer and your livestock are feeling the heat, make sure they have plenty of fresh, cool water and a shady spot to cool off.


In the barn, good airflow is essential! Set up a few fans to keep the air moving and the temperature down. Bonus: fans also help keep pesky flies at bay. Your animals will thank you!


Handle with Care

Your stress levels matter too! Animals can pick up on your vibes, so staying calm and composed can make a big difference. Practice patience and keep your cool, both at home and at the show.

And again, desensitizing your animals to loud noises, unfamiliar people and other animals can help them stay chill when things get hectic in the ring. Gradually introduce them to these new experiences so they’re ready for anything. And if possible, stick with familiar handlers at the show to keep things smooth and stress-free.


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial, especially during those hot summer shows. Whether you’re showing cattle, sheep, pigs or goats, adding a supplement like Electrolyte™ to their water can keep them hydrated and full of energy. Think of it like Gatorade for your livestock! This not only helps them perform their best but also aids in their recovery post-show and keeps them eating.

For that extra pop on show day, use Ticket Punch® - the ultimate show day electrolyte! It helps maximize muscle expression, improve bloom, support intake and enhance hydration, ensuring your animals look their best in the ring.


With a little preparation and some cool tricks up your sleeve, you can keep show stress to a minimum and enjoy the summer show season to the fullest. Keep things fun, stay calm and don’t forget to hydrate—both you and your animals!


Delaney Barber


Electrolyte - Daily Electrolyte

Electrolyte is a straight-ahead electrolyte to keep projects hydrated in stressful and challenging conditions. 

Ticket Punch

Ticket Punch - Best Show Day Electrolyte Ticket Punch is the purple punch that creates that extra ditch with a fresh look. This is the ticket to that 12 o’clock look when your project hits the ring.


The Journey to the Ring

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